Pattern Recognition and Applied Security Research Group


prof. Michal Choraś

Prof. DSc, Phd Eng. - Head of the team

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prof. PBŚ Michal Choraś

DSc, Phd Eng. - Head of the team

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prof. PBŚ Rafał Kozik

DSC, Phd Eng.

prof. PBŚ Rafał Kozik

DSC, Phd Eng.

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prof. PBŚ . Witold Hołubowicz

DSC, Phd Eng.

prof. PBŚ Witold Hołubowicz

DSC, Phd Eng.

Agata Giełczyk

PhD ENG. working on palmprint biometrics

Agata Gielczyk

PhD ENG. working on palmprint biometrics

Sebastian Łaskawiec

PhD ENG. working on cloud computing

Sebastian Laskawiec

PhD ENG. working on cloud computing

Marek Pawlicki

PhD ENG. working on cybersecurity

Marek Pawlicki

PhD ENG. working on cybersecurity


The PATRAS research group is working on the following research aspects:

+ Pattern recognition in various security and safety applications
+ Cyber security
+ Data mining and pattern extraction,
+ Challenges in machine learning (e.g. lifelong learning, concept drift)
+ Big data analytics and visualisation
+ Image processing (e.g. biometrics, object detection and identification)
+ Data analysis and correlation


The President of the Republic of Poland has signed the nomination of Prof. Michał Choraś, awarding him the professor title in December. Congratulations!

The SWAROG project commenced, and the first partner meeting has been held in Bydgoszcz in December.

The Entropy Journal Special Issue "Advances in Computer Recognition, Image Processing and Communications, Selected Papers from CORES 2021 and IP&C 2021" is now closed. A sincere thank you for all the submissions. Link

The SWAROG project (Sysytem WykyrywaniA dezinfoRmacji metOdami sztucznej inteliGencji), in which the PATRAS team participates for PBŚ has won funding under INFOSTRATEG from NCBR with full score, placing no.1 in the results of the call.

In April 2021 The Mayor of the City of Bydgoszcz has awarded the members of the PATRAS team (dr hab. inż. Michał Choraś, dr hab. inż. Rafał Kozik and dr inż. Marek Pawlicki) the Mayor's Prize for their Scientific Accomplishements. link

Prof. Choraś and Prof. Kozik were panelists at the Elsevier's "Machine Learning to combat Fake News and Media Manipulation" webinar. link

A new paper on Fake News published in the Applied Soft Computing (IF:5.472) link

After the success of the DisA special session at the ICCS2020 conference (which was virtual), we are happy to announce DisA-2021 at ICCS2021 link

Prof. Michał Choraś gave a Keynote Speech on current trends in the use of AI in Cyber at this years UTP Inauguration Ceremony link

We are welcoming this year's 12th International Conference on Computer Recognition Systems (CORES’21) and hosting the 12th International Conference on Image Processing and Communications (IP&C) at the UTP premises, June 28–30, 2021. The best papers submitted to IP&C will have a chance to be published in Special Issues in the ENTROPY and SENSORS journals link

A new cybersecurity paper accepted to the SENSORS journal (IF=3.275) link

Agata, Sebastian and Marek have successfully defended their PhD dissertations!

Two new fake news detection papers published at the CISIS conference (CORE B) link

A new fake news detection paper published at the ICCS conference (CORE A) link

A new cybersecurity paper accepted to the Future Generation Computer Systems journal (IF= 6.125) link

A new cybersecurity paper accepted to the IJCNN conference (CORE A) link

The SocialTruth project is helping fight fake-news concerning COVID-19 link

Michal Choras is guest-editor of special issue in Applied Soft Computing journal (IF=4.873): Applying Machine Learning for Combating Fake News and Internet/Media Content Manipulation link

We are co-organizing workshop at prestigous ICCS 2020 in Amsterdam (Core A). The workshop title: Computational Methods for Emerging Problems in (dis-)Information Analysis DisA ICCS 2020

Special Issue Guest Editor: Journal of Universal Computer Science; Special Issue on Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence - Current Challenges, Novel Solutions and Emerging Applications link

Special Session CO-CHAIR: Fake News Detection and Prevention, CISIS 2020. Burgos, Spain (CORE B). CISIS 2020

Special Issue Guest Editor: Future Internet (MDPI): Future and Emerging topics in Security for Cyber-Physical Systems, link

We are hosting this year's IP&C conference at the UTP premises, 11-13 September 2019 link

We have presented a SocialTruth-related paper at ARES2019 in Canterbury, UK link

We have hosted a session and presented a paper at ICIC in Nanchang, China link

New cybersecurity paper accepted to Logic Journal of IGPL: link

B-ELLA paper (open access) published in J.UCS (IF 1,066): link

prof. Michał Choraś & Rafał Kozik are going to host a Special Session on Intelligent Computing in Cybersecurity as part of the International Conference On Intelligent Computing Nanchang,China August 3-6, 2019 ICIC

Congratulations to Rafal Kozik for obtaining DSC (habilitation) degree in computer science !!!


PATRAS team has significant experience in both research and commercial projects.
We are currently involved in two H2020 projects:
Infrastress SocialTruth

prof. Michal Choras is a technical coordinator of SocialTruth.
We were involved in FP7 CIPRNet project: Critical Infrastructure Preparedness and Resilience Research Network

Events/Special Issues

Prof. Michal Choras, Prof. Rafal Kozik, and Marek Pawlicki, Ph.D. are Guest Editors of the Special Issue "Sensors and Pattern Recognition Methods for Security and Industrial Applications (SPR-SIA) in SENSORS (IF=3.275) link

PATRAS hosts the DisA2021 Special Session at the ICCS2021 conference link

PATRAS Team hosted the plenary meeting of H2020 SocialTruth project at UTP (27-28 March).

Prof. Michal Choras is the Workshop Chair of ICIC 2019 conference in Nanchang, China
ICIC 2019

Let us invite you to the IP&C conference – 10th Edition of Image Processing and Communications to be published in AISC by Springer

Prof. Michal Choras and Rafal Kozik, Ph.D. are Guest Editors of the Special Issue in Security and Communications Networks (Hindawi, IF=1,067).

Rafal Kozik, Ph.D. is a Guest Editor of the Special Issue in Journal of Universal Computer Science (IF=1,066).

Prof. Michal Choras is the Chair of Secure Technology for Distributed Computation, Cloud and Sensor Networks Track at 3GPCIC conference in Taiwan

Prof. Michal Choras is the Publicity Chair of ICIC 2018 conference in Wuhan, China – proceedings published in LNCS.

Selected Publications

Selected PATRAS group publications below:

Dutta, V., Choraś, M., Pawlicki, M., & Kozik, R. (2020). A Deep Learning Ensemble for Network Anomaly and Cyber-Attack Detection. Sensors, 20(16), 4583.
Pawlicki, M., Choraś, M., & Kozik, R. (2020). Defending network intrusion detection systems against adversarial evasion attacks. Future Generation Computer Systems.
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Choras M., Ear Biometrics, in Li S.Z., Jain A.K: Encyclopedia of Biometrics, Second Edition, 363-368, Springer US, 2015.

Data Science Applications:
Kozik, R., Choraś, M., Kula, S., & Pawlicki, M. (2020, September). Distributed Architecture for Fake News Detection. In Conference on Complex, Intelligent, and Software Intensive Systems (pp. 208-217). Springer, Cham.
Kula, S., Choraś, M., & Kozik, R. (2020, September). Application of the BERT-Based Architecture in Fake News Detection. In Conference on Complex, Intelligent, and Software Intensive Systems (pp. 239-249). Springer, Cham.
Choras Michal, Kozik R., Puchalski D., Renk R., Increasing product owners’ cognition and decision-making capabilities by data analysis approach, Cognition, Technology & Work, Online First, Springer, 2018 (IF=1,1). Open Access for download
Kozik R., Choras Michal, Puchalski D., Renk R., Q-Rapids framework for advanced data analysis to improve rapid software development, Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing, Online First, Springer, 2018 (IF=1,66).
Open Access for download

Kozik R., Choras M., Puchalski D., Renk R., Platform for Software Quality and Dependability Data Analysis, in Zamojski, W. et al. (Eds.): Contemporary Complex Systems and Their Dependability, Proceedings of the Thirteenth International Conference on Dependability and Complex Systems DepCoS-RELCOMEX, 306-315, AISC, Springer, July 2-6, Brunów, Poland, 2018.
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Critical Infrastructures Protection and Security:
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